Graphic Design & Printing

Seven years ago was the first time we started engaging in design and printing industry. More than 7 years of experience in graphic design and printing business make us grow following the various demands and trends of the world of graphics and printing. Until this very day we still continue to learn and develop our creativity in order to always be able to keep abreast of design trends and explore fresh ideas.

In the future we will continue to learn, keep open with all the changes or ideas, and not limit ourselves in innovating and inspiring other people through graphic and design.

Website Development

Currently the website plays an important role as a portal, resources, featuring profiles or impression of your company. This prompted many companies or individuals compete to build an informative and also attractive website. The ideal site is a website that looks interesting, always updated, flexible, and user friendly.

That is why web design now very popular among the companies and urban people. Web designing is a very dynamic thing and it’s growing rapidly. For that, we have more than 5 years of experience in the web design industry. We are proud to develop and designing in functional, creative, details, and usability oriented websites that works the way it is. We gladly assist you to build and develop your personal or official website based on your ideas and purposes.

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As one of promotional media, we always been interested in photography. We started to learn more about photography since 3 years ago. In the progress of learning and practicing, we found our specialty in architectural, fashion, and product photography. We keep on trying to dig more ideas by combining our photography with our graphical skill.

Together with our client, we discussed, inspired, and develop our skills in capturing an object and moment. Meanwhile we believe that in the future there is many possibilities open for us to develop and expand our photography skills, service, and ideas into other style or form of photography.

Fashion Design & Garment Manufacture

Our design’s background and experience leads us to many field of business include fashion and garment making. We have been engaging in fashion and garment industry for last 5 years. We create and produce various garment range from printed tees, dresses, coat, sport wear, and also fashion accessories such as bag from various material/fabric. We were cooperate with local and foreign fashion designers. We also supply our garment product to local and international companies.

And nowadays we are preparing and working on our own fashion/clothing line called SuryaNirmala Clothing and Ikat for Life, which is will be launched soon.

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